Sabtu, 31 Maret 2012

Code Quest Aqw Update 2012

   1. teken ctrl+f biar gampang

    * 1: First Ques
    * 2: Chieftain’s Head3: Chipped Tooth4: Hideous Tail5: Funny Bone6: Porkon’s Pride7: Zorbak’s Reward8: Secret Map9: Farm Cleanup10: Pet Food Delivery11: Twilly’s New Staff12: Rubber Ducky13: Rats off To ya!14: Specialty Pizza15: Defend the Gates16: Undead Invasion17: Undead slaying18: Evil must be stopped19: I Heal Good20: Robina’s Quest21: Missing Boxes22: Backyard Zards23: Garden Snails24: Attic Spiders25: The Bone?26: Tempestuous Times27: Willow Creek28: Pirate’s Treasure29: Smells Fishy to Me30: Salmagundi31: Map Recovery32: Defend the Rats33: Rats in the Cradle34:35: Short in Spoons36: Short in Forks37: Letter Interception38: Not A Noob39: Missing King40: Take Down41: Starving Pets42: Picky Eaters43: Missing Crate44: Wilderness45: Trobble Bath46: Home Sick47: Golden Shrooms48: Blue Feathers49: Flying Tails50: Mixing Pot51: Hungry for a Recipe52: Missing Ingredient53: Delicious Ingredient54: Recipe Needed55:56:57: Growing Plants58: Storage Speyeders59: Can you do it?60: Something in the Water61: Hair, Tooth and Bone62: Ruined Plans63: Bait and Switch64: Restocking65: Spear Sabotage66: Retaliation67: Camping Out68:69:70:71: Unreadable Map72: Fishing Bait73: Darkness Rising74: Flood of Power75: Trainee76: Endurance77: Path of the Warrior78: Mix it Up!79: Shadow Skills80: Evade and Counterstrike!81: Essential Magics82: Glimpse of the Dark Side83: Undead Energy84: Healer of Knowledge85: White Wizard86: Protection87:88:89:90: Ninja Grudge91: Without a Trace92: Hit Job93: Chilling Costume94: Candy Basket95: Candy Craze96: Chocolate Goodness97: Lollipop Potion98: Mystery Candy99: Can’t have enough100: Stone Endurance101: Heart of Stone102: Fire Endurance103: Burning Heart104: Water Endurance105: Liquid Soul106: Dark Endurance107: Heart of Darkness108:109: Dragonbane110: Dragon Scales111: Dragon Souvenirs112: Dragonslayer113: Warrior Spirit114: Mage Essence115: Shadow Hour116: Light Ways117: Fighting Exercise118: Tougher Monsters119:120: Bejeweled Blade121: Warrior Claymore Blade Enchant122: Quadrolithium123: Dam Balloons124: Bumper Bolts125: Mithril Man Batteries126: ProtoSartorium Parts127:128:129: Food Fighter Badge Quest130: Scout the Cornycopia131: Unboiling Water132: The Corn has Ears133: An Apple a Day134: Whine n’ Cheese135: Fruit of the Loot136: The Turdraken137:138:139: Pain-Apple!140: Squishy Squash!141: Ice Cream!142: Ring of Pain!143: Cholesterious144: Murray’s Revenge145: Crusaders Schmusaders146: Bad Captains147: Which Witch is Which148: Murray’s Hunch149: Magic Overload150: Magic Devouring Beast!151: Grand Inquisitor’s Surprise Visitor152: Turn Frost Dragon into Dracolich!153: Turn Dracolich into Dragon!154: Piercing arrows!155: Rescue Blizzy156: Scary Snow Men157: Moglin Popsicles158: Crystal Spider159: Fluffy Bears160: Blue Eyed Beast161: Trouble Makers162: Bad Ice Cream163: Greedy Sneevil164: Shadow Figure165: Dragonslayer Veteran166: Dragonslayer Sergeant167: Dragonslayer Captain168: Dragonslayer Marshal169: Dragonslayer Reward170: Turn Red Dragon into Dracolich171: Turn Dracolich into Red Dragon172: Jars of Slime173: Sneevil Boxes174: Behind the bush?175: Defeat Dogear176: Undead Assault (Storyline)177: Skull Crusher Mountain (Storyline)178: The Undead Giant (Storyline)179: Talk to the Knights (Storyline)180: Defend the Throne Room (Storyline)181: Summoning Complete182: Grand Inquisitor’s Penance183: Enter the Gates184:185:186:187: Fire Gem188:189:190:191:192:193:194: Zhoom’s Quest [BAN QUEST - DON'T COMPLETE]195: ShadowFall Quest1196: ShadowFall Quest2197:198: Slimes on a bridge199: Pirate Hat200: Pirate Cutlass201: Undead Pirate’s Guitar202:203: Holy Scuba Gear204: Deep Diver Helmet205: Braken Bass206: Ghost Ship in a Bottle207: Trident of Storms208: Fishy Guitar209: Fishbone Head210:211: Rainbow Rats212: Monochrome213: Destroy the A.R.C214: Frost that Lucky Harms!215: Pot of Gold!216: The Shoe’s News217: A Shoemaker’s Work is Never Done218:219: The Sabbatia220: Grasses221: The Spiders have changed222:223: Things that go Bump in the Night224: Defend Town225: Mega Defenders Medal226:227: Stinging Dagger of Serpents228: Royal Blade of Thorns229: Staff of the Burning Abyss230: Egg Hunt: Vorpal Bunny231: Egg Hunt: Backpack [BAN QUEST - DON'T COMPLETE]232: Dagger of Serpents!233: Blade of Thorns234: Berzerker Bunny Helm: Wooden Egg235: Transforming Bunny Spear: Egg Shell236: Bunny Berzerker Armor: Were Egg237: Bunny on your Back: Quacked Egg238: Monday… Bone Mace!239: Tuesday… Broom of Doom!240: Wednesday… Faerie Sai!241: Thursday… Speargun!242: Friday… Liquid Hot Magma Axe!243: Saturday… Chakram Dagger!244: Sunday… Sludge Sword!245: Winged Spies246: Chaos Prisoners247: IMP-possible Task248: Far Sighted249: Slugfest250: Chain Reaction251: Epic Drops252: Jarring Theft253: DO LATER___Don’t leave a faerie behind254: DO LATER___Let them walk255: Tree Hugger256: The Second Piece257: Ruined Ruins258: Blueish Glow259: Arm Yourself260: You Can’t Miss It!261: Energize!262: Quickdraw263: You’ve Been Framed264: Disguise!265: To-Go Box266: Some Assembly Required267: Teleporter Report268: Find the Key! (Part One)269: Find the Key! (Part Two)270: Find the key! (Part Three)271: The Lake Hydra272: Escherion273: Defender274: Mega Defender275: Savage Warlord Armor276: Horc Hacker277: Curve Bladed Polearm278: Infantry Pole Axe279: Massive Horc Cleaver280: Infantry Blade281: Horc Mangler282: Horc Claw283: Steel Chopper284: Pactagonal Armet285: Cyclops Warlord Helm286: Red Eye Staff287: Yellow Eye Staff288: Horc Club289: Undead Infantry Guard290: Undead Infantry Armor291: Defender’s Winged Armet292: Pactagonal Defender’s Crested Armet293: Undead Trooper Guard294: Infantry Helm295: Dem Bones (Part 1)296: Dem Bones (part 2)297: Save Chuckles!298: Skull Key299: Flux Collection300: Mega Flux Collection301: Warm MILK!302: COLD MEDICINE!303: Cup of Tea, please!304: Music Box for the Sleepless305: Wolves for hire306: Blue Green Prints307: Brick Head308: Vicious Wolves309: Smiles to the West, slimes everywhere310: Scaly Menace311: Overgrown Spiders312: Dragon Might313: Strange Gel314: Terrifying Reptile315: The beast with many eyes!316: Landing Swords!317: Free the sword!318: Hardly Suiting Armor319: Adorable Sisters320: Warm and Furry321: Shell Shock322: Bear Facts323: Give Snowbeard His Gold324: The Spittoon Saloon325: Bear it all!326: Leather Feathers327: Follow your Nose!328: Alarm a Llama!329: Grizzly Situation330: Berry Interesting331: Squeeze Water from Stone332: Carrion Carrying On333: Bagged Lunches334: Radiant Lamps335: Having a Blast!336: Secret Weapons337: Rock Star338: All that glitters…339: Gemeralds340: Talc to Me341: Rock Me Amadeus342: What’s mine is yours343: Upper City Gates344: Bad Memory345: Balance the Scales346: Disapoofed347: Hoodwinked348: Claws For The Cause349: Scrambled Eggs350: The King’s Wings351: Bugging Out352: Lizard Gizzard353: Mock the Lock354: Like Butter355: Jailhouse Rock356: Explosives 101357: Big Bada-Boom358: Hunger Pains359: Lodestone Locater360: Dwarf war Defender Medals361: Dwarf war Mega Defender Medals362: Defeat Rock Roc363: Facing Vath364: Youthanize365: Rattle Battle366: Dangerous Decor367: Bone-afide368: Sea No Evil369: That Hero Who Chases Slimes370: Cleanliness Is Next To Kingless371: Rumble with Grumble372: Tomb with a View373: Skele-tongue374: Ring Bearer375: Skeletal Sabotage376: Tunnel of Terror377: The Search for the Sword378: Pirate Ship Defender379: Pirate Ship Mega Defender380: Board the Ship381: Setting Sail to Yokai382: Tournament Finalist383: Pockey Challenge384: Ninja Challenge385: Best Challenge386: Lodes of Gold387: Gold Digger388: Where is Zhoom?389: GoldenDefender390: Mega Golden Defender391: Squash the King392: A Bone To Pick393: Where are the Wolves394: Killer, Chiller, Thriller Here Tonight!395: Candy Shop Cutscene396: Clearing A Path397: Kanthalite-D398: Myx It Up399: Candy Conundrum400: Boos Clues401: What’s Up, Doc?402: Dog Days403: Faceless Threat404:405: Zodiac Puzzle Key406: DT407: Hay There!408: Got A Light409: Epic Gear Solid: Snack Eater410: Head Hunting411: TestQuest412: The Farmer’s Cat!413: World Wide Web414: Cocoon of Doom415: A Web of Lies416: Tyrantula417: Newbie Shop418: Newbie Fight419: Book of Lore Quest420: Unboiled Water421: PopRockCorn422: Wormscestershire sauce423: Cheese n’ Whine424: Commercial Sword Stage 1425: Commercial Sword Stage 2426: Commercial Sword Stage 3427: Commercial Sword Stage 4428: Commercial Sword Stage 5429: Turkey go Boom!430: Cater To His Every Dish431: Mount Defender432: Mount Mega Defender433: Ice Cold Heart434: A Key Discovery435: Frogery436: Forging Gemeralds437: Element of Surprise438: Interrogation439: Locked on Combinations440: Combo Breaker441: Ice Nine442: Ice Wyrms443: NytheraCutscene444: Dueling Dragons445: Tipping the Scales446: Chest Thumping447: Yellow Snow Cone448: Cool Down Items449: Take a Chill Pill450: Defeated 10451: Defeated 20452: Defeated 30453: Defeated 40454: Defeated 50455: Germ Boss456: Twas the night before Frostval457: Find Page 2458: Find Page 3459: Find Page 4460: Find Page 5461: Find Page 6462: Talk to Tinsel463: Circuit Breakers464: Current Affairs465: Not Finished Yet-i466: Jinmenju Tree467: Yokai Bandits468: The Fiery Fiend469: Dumpster Diving470: Reduce, Respawn, Recycle471: The Hunt for the Had472: Big Bad Yokai473: Su-she474: Kappa Cuisine475:476: Hisssssy Fit477: The Purrrfect Crime478: The Face Off479: Cat-aclysm480: Who is the Greatest?481: Defeat O-dokuro482: Yokai Defender483: Yokai Mega Defender484: Defeat War Boss Yokai485: Fearsome Forest Fabrics486: Shadow Embargo487: The Water Chestnuts488: Defeat Kitsune489: Battle Under Battleon490: Brace-r Yourself!491: Inquisitor Inquiry492: Slithering Shadows493: Groundhorc’s Day494: A Grave Mission495: Lending a Helping Hand496: Bone Appetit497: Batting Cage498: His Bark Is Worse Than His Blight499: Missing Lion500: Head of Lettuce501: Bad Spirit Away502: Lost Celebration Items503: Small Red Envelope504: Medium Red Envelope505: Large Red Envelope506: In the Mood507: Hedge Trimming508: Bear Hugs509: Stoopid Kewpid510: Paper Heart511: Imp Ink512: Heart Shaped Scale513: Special Delivery514: Lil’ Red515: Can I Axe You Something?516: A Dire Situation517: Blood, Sweat, and Tears518: What a Lich!519: Feeding Grounds520: Going Batty521: Lycan Knights522: Twisted Paw523: Canine Canines524: Dog Gone Shame525: Bite is worse than their Bark526: A Wolf’s Tale527: A Twisted Mess528: You clicked a button!529: Sink Your Teeth In530: Grounded Bats531: Bats of a Leather Flock Together532: Pain in the Neck533: Sanguine’s Territory534: A Gift of Meat535: No Respect536: Vampire Knights537: Sanguine538: Golden Ticket539: Golden Ticket Tier 1540: Golden Ticket Tier 2541: Golden Ticket Tier 3542: Golden Ticket Tier 4543: A-MAZE-ing Race544: Vampire Defender545: Lycan Defender546: Vampire Mega Defender547: Lycan Mega Defender548: Purified Claymore549: Void Knight Deal550: Dogfight551: Bone Roam552: War Boss FIght553: Nulgath is Kind554: The Leery Contract555: Supplies to spin The Wheel of Chance556: The Assistant557: Swindle’s Return Policy558: Empowering Items559: Iron Wing Helm Enchant(Evil)560: Iron Wing Helm Enchant(Good)561: A Sample of Twillight562: None Shall Remain!563: Breaking Prawn564: Search and Report565: The Key is the Key!566: Secret Words567: Dracowerepyre568: Bone Dust Reagent569: Cube Reagent570: Essence of Defeat Reagent571: Impossible, Empowered Items of Nulgath572: Hex of Nulgath573: Blood of Nulgath574:575: Fiend of Nulgath576: Shadow of Nulgath577: Hex: The indecisive Minion578: Blood: The Indecisive Minion579: Fiend: The Indecisive Minion580: Arcane Orb581: Blood Orb582: Primal Orb583: Darkness Orb584: Ordinary Cape585: Cleansing of the Spinal Tap586: Cursing of Spinal Tap587: Spinal Tap of Nulgath588: Phoenix Blade of Nulgath589: The Weapon Parasite590: Oblivion Blade of Nulgath591: Doom Worm Creepers592: GRUMBLE, GRUMBLE…593: Assistance of Nulgath594: Peace, Love, and Rock Elemental595: Gearheads, Man!596: Boogie On!597: Wolfwing Good End598: Wolfwing Evil End599: The Dark Deal600: Crag’s Trist601: Voucher Item(MEMBER)602: Voucher Item(NON-MEMBER)603: Diamonds of Nulgath Sale604: Purchase Drudgen the Assistant605: Drudgen the Salesman606: Purchase Sword of Nulgath607: Archfiend Cloak608: Fired & Re-Hired609: Bamboozle vs Drudgen610: The Marks611: Werepyre Slayer Armor612: Werepyre Slayer Helm613: Werepyre Slayer Wings614: Werepyre Slayer Sword615: Potion Surplus616: Lighting Scrolls of Lighning617: Exp Boost [One-time Quest]618: Breaking Wind Turbines619: Plant Matters620: All Wet621: Flame On622: Chaos Footprint623: Secret Item624: Combat Style: Soulreaper of Nulgath625: Combat Style: Taro’s Manslayer626:627: Combat Style: Champion of Nulgath628: Combat Style: Betrayal Blade of Nulgath629: Combat Style: Dragonbone Axe630:631: Combat Style: Dread Saw of Nulgath632: Combat Style: Tainted Claymore633: Pet Shop Toys634: HPbreaker635: Seek and Destroy636: Bad Reputation637: Combat Style: Purified Claymore of Destiny638: Fiend Face639: Blood Guard640: Hex Mask641: Shadow Guard642: Nulgath643: Hidden Edge644: Victims of Circumstance645: The Four Hoarsemen646: Crit ‘em With Your Best Shot647: REP Speedwagon648: Stairway to Haven649: Rolling Stones650: Light my Fire651: Knockin’ on haven’s door652: Practice Makes Perfect Bottle653: Tap that Cactuse654: Get me that Recipe!655: Tip Out656: Juice on the Loose657: Bottle Trade658: Staying Alive659: Killer Queen660: Satisfaction661: Dance, Dance, Dance662: Fiend Claws663: Blood Blades664: Hexing Staff665: Piercing Shadow666: Ungodly Items of Nulgath667: Tainted Claw668: Purified Claw669: Void Knight Deal (Temporary Quest)670: Blood Orb (Temporary Quest)671: Arcane Orb (Temporary Quest)672: Primal Orb (Temporary Quest)673: Shadow Orb (Temporary Quest)674: J6 Quiz Game675: Bad Moon Rising676: Burning Down The House677: Superstition678: Soul Man679: Lend a Helping Handkerchief680: Two Eyes681: Beards Rule!682: Fancied Feather683: Requesting a Request684: Watch Out!685: Legendary Quest of Adventure686: Classic Hack-n-Slash687: Yeah, another quest688: Insert Quest Title Here689: Key of Life690: Key of Dreams691: Key of Thought692: Key of The Void693: Access Zephyrus694: Zephyrus End695: Birds on a Train696: Ticklish Zorbo Pet697: Ticklish Zorbo Sword698: Mission1699: Mission2700: The Ring’s The Thing701: Optimus Slime702: Ore Else…703: The Softest Card704: Boil it, mash it, put it in a stew…705: Music Defender706: Mega Music Defender707: Mythsong War Cutscene\708: Unused Quest709: Pony Gary Yellow710: Kimberly711: Turn out the lights.712: Warm up? No, Warm Down.713: This Is Key714: I Love The Keys715: Off Key716: We’re Going To Need A Bigger Key717: Property Appraiser718: Pain in the Grass719: Dust Busting720: Cat-astrophe721: Skynner’s List722: A Mushy Situation723: W-Tea F724: A Skunkweed By Any Other Name…725: There Is No Spoon726: Totem of Nulgath727: Blood Orb728: Arcane Orb729: Primal Orb730: Shadow Orb731: Void Knight Deal732: Combat Style: Dual Betrayal Blade733: Combat Style: Betrayal Blade of Nulgath734: Combat Style: Dual Dread Saw735: Combat Style: Dread Saw of Nulgath736: Oblivion Blade of Nulgath737: Spare Parts738: 4 Trophy Prizes739: 20 Trophy Prizes740: 50 Trophy Prizes741: 100 Trophy Prizes742: 150 Trophy Prizes743: Racer744: Trophy Reward 5745: Trophy Reward 7746: Trophy Reward 10747: Andre Defeated748: Flea be Gone749: Free the Key750: Listen to George Lowe’s story751: Free Slime-Girls752: Free Slime-Boys753: Slime Dress-up754: Slime-Warlic’s Info755: Gather Salt756: Defeat the Giant Slob757: The First 6 Chapters758: The Last 6 Chapters759: The Glossary760: The Book’s Cover761: Dream-Maze762: Big Bad Kwueger Man763: George Lowe-viathan764: Super George Lowe-viathan765: Twisted Items of Nulgath766: Dragonblade of Nulgath767: Warden of Light Armor768: Conqueror of Shadow Armor769: Light Warden Helm770: Shadow Conqueror Helm771: Behemoth Blade of Light772: Behemoth Blade of Shadow773: Divine Retribution774: Legendary Retribution775: Infamous Revenge776: Venomous Shadow Blade777: Masculine Helm of Glory778: Feminine Helm of Glory779: Bearded Helm of Glory780: The Armet of the Afterlife781: Steel Afterlife782: Bearded Armet of the Afterlife783: Ultimate Victory Armet784: Helm of Ultimate Victory785: Basic War Sword786: Roasted Marshmallow on a Stick787: Nuked Mallow788: Make a Marshmallow on a Stick789: Undead Champion Initiation790: Mourn the Soldiers791: Understanding Undead Champions792: Player vs Power793: Hail to the King794: A Necessary Sacrifice795: Gorillaphant Poaching796: Mustard and Pretzel Root797: Thyme and a Half798: Thistle Do Nicely799: Pleased to Meat You800: ArcanRobe801: Ebony and Ivory Tusks802: Experiment 107: Elder’s Blood Potion803: Experiment 231: Sparrow’s Blood Potion804: Experiment 808: Viper’s Blood Potion805: Observing the Observatory806: Ewa the Treekeeper807: Bear Necessities of LifeRoot808: Acorny Quest809: Ravenloss810: It’s A Bough-t Time811: Wendigo Whereabouts812: Sprig Cleaning813: Find Paddy Lump814: Toothy Smiles815: Slimy Cyrus816: Lord of the Fleas817: Not The Best Idea818: Gates and Guardians819: Scales and Tails820: Omnomnoms821: Legion Exercise Number 1822: Legion Exercise Number 2823: Legion Exercise Number 3824: Legion Exercise Number 4825: Water You Waiting For–Find Nisse826: Dive Right In827: Seafood Diet828: Mercenaries829: Synchronized Slaying830: The Deep End831: Find Umbra, the Master Shaman832: The Root of Elementals833: Eupotamic Elementals834: Breaking Wind Elementals835: Fight Fire With Fire Salamanders836: Guardian of the Gilead Wrap837: Juggernaut Items of Nulgath838: Find Felsic the Magma Golem839: Liquid Hot Magma Maggots840: Scorched Serpents841: Playing With Living Fire842: Kindling Relationship843: Obey Your Thirst for Adventure844: Captain Falcons845: Big, Bad, and Baddest Bosses846: The Great Mana Golem847: Chaos Lord Ledgermayne848: Feed Me849: Tacomancer Armor!850: Follow Paul and Storm to the Mirror Realm851: Get the List!852: Help Control the Pet Population853: Impress the Queen854: A Gift of Silver855: Crown of Blood856: Ear-Responsible857: A Carton of Chaos858: Free the Poultry859: Defeat Nugget Man860: Like a Literal Pack of Wolves861: Thin the Ranks862: Defeat Lieutenant Scarface863: Locate the Lords of Order864: Defeat Undead Artix865: The Multiverse is Safe866: A Timely Meating867: Hire Mini Nulgath868: Nulgath869: Diamond Exchange870: Contract Exchange871: Investigate the Farmhouse872: Children of Chaos873: Where is that Barn Key?874: Investigate the Barn875: Malik-EYE is so Grounded876: Clearing the Candy Corn Field877: So Sick of EYE-Sac878: She Who Walks Behind The Stalks879: Candy Corn880: Mogloween Defender881: Mega Mogloween Defender882: Skull of a Lich!883: Fiends in High Places884: A Whirled Wide Traveler885: Boiler Spoiler886: This Fight Will Dragon887: Things Are Looking U888: Don’t Get mad, Get Gladius889: Gel-Oh-No Box890: Cyser-no!891: Pink Balloon of Doom892: The Hundred Foot Tall Twilly893: Turtle Shells Pop Balloons894: Make things Pop with a Sentry Bot895: Web Browsing for Balloons896: Complete Airheads897: The Final Pilgrimage898: Chasing After a Girl899: Tracking Down Nythera900: Searching for Splinters901: A-Void-ing The Larva902: Spawn Point903: Null and Void Spheres904: Enter the Great Void Dragon’s Lair905: Spirit Abducted906: Shaking the Globes907: A Demonstration908: Hearts of Ice909: Defeat Garaja910: Springing Traps911: Frost Lions912: Onslaught Keyrings913: Defeat Lionfang914: Tinsel’s Armor Gift915: Tinsel’s Helm Gift916: Dissertations Bupers Camel917: Crafty Creepers: A Favorite of Mine918: Running a Stable Stable919: Parched Pets920: Vase Case921: Oasis Ornaments922: The Power of Pomade923: Salon Quality Shampoo924: What’s for Desert?925: Porter-Inn Steaks926: Delectable Desert Desserts927: Oil Spills928: The Scarab Sandwich929: Lore Style Surf and Turf930: Sandport and Starboard931: Shark Diving932: Thieving Cut Throats933: Lost and Found934: Sell-Sword Sell-Outs935: The Portal Puzzle936: Best Fiends Forever937: Crystal Encores938: Fishin’ for Jellys939: Soul Searching940: Agree to help Ethan941: Clues for the Clueless942: Laundry Day943: Strategy Guides are Key944: Investigate the Storage Room945: Inventory In Your Inventory946: Sneevil Sabotage947: A Bribe for the Bride948: Hey There Lie-lah949:950: Fuel for Fought951: In Ctrl of Controllers952: To Form a Platform953: The Infamous Plumber954: Crafting the Emblem of Longevity955: The Black Tortoise’s Spirit956: Crafting the Emblem of Righteousness957: The White Tiger’s Spirit958: Crafting the Emblem of Knowledge959: The Red Bird’s Spirit960: Crafting the Emblem of Good Luck961: The Blue Dragon’s Spirit962: Go Fetch!963: A Fowl Costume Change964: After a While…965: Who You Callin’ a ChickenMan?966: Solar Powered Wind Burning Air Conditioning Stove967: Sacred Scarabs968: A Noob is Guard969: Bandaged Aids970: Keys to the Royal Chamber971: Confront Duat972: They’ve Gone Dark973: Bad Doggies974: Essentially Evil975: Loose Threads976: Seek The Treasure977: Dreamsand978: I Dream Of…979: Find a Loophole in the Contract980: Girl Scouts981:982: Defeating the Defenders983: Picky about Picks984: Para-GONE Jewel985: Digging Deeper986: Ghastplasm is a Blast987: Aghast over Ghastplasm988: Ab-ducts-ion989: Ducts Crossing990: Scout Out the Void Giant991: Component Competitors992: And more Component Competitors993: Brandishing the Banishing Stones994: Stall the Void Giant995: Sandsational Castle996: Furry Fury997: Keeping Secrets Under Wraps998: Gem Jam999: Enter the Sphinx1000: Unlamented Lamia1001: E-vase-ive Measures1002: Tri-hump-hant Camels1003: I Don’t Mean to Harp On It…1004: In-djinn-ious Solution1005: Chaos Lord Tibicenas1006: Steamed Punks1007: The Mind Goggles1008: Jules’ Rules of Cool1009: Warlord of the Hair1010: Propeller Seller1011: Pet-ty Plumbing Problems1012: Dogs and Cogs1013: SteamOcto Ahoy!1014: Wells’ Embargo1015: Fullmetal Financier1016: All Steamed Up1017: Let’s Get Magi-Technical1018: Terrorkind Destroyer1019: Mega Terrorkind Destroyer1020: Up to the Highest Heights1021: High-sterical1022: Elevation Sensation1023: Altitude Adjustment1024: Conquer Vertigo1025: No Matter How Dark the Night1026: The Dark (K)Nights1027: Something, Something Dark Side1028: One Little Candle1029: Conquer Nyctox1030: Death Be Not Proud1031: What Fear Makes1032: The Little Death1033: Terrify the Terrorkind1034: Conquer Thanatops1035: Face Fear1036: Reduce, Reuse, Recycle1037: Go Green like a Boss1038: School’s Out for the Invasion1039: Chaobold Bullies1040: Trip the Traps1041: Wreck the Warder1042: Deady’s Return1043: Exit, Stage Right1044: The Wedge1045: Freedom?1046: Other Ideas?!1047: Got a Light1048: BADABOOM!1049: Lack of Subtlety1050: Look Around1051: Caboose Key1052: Slow your Role1053: Slow the Coal1054: Laying Traps1055: Gathering Mats1056: Pirate Hats1057: That’s a Wrap1058: Hard Water1059: Raising the Stakes1060: Stop! Potion Time.1061: Inscrutable Motivation1062: Paradise is Not So Nice1063: Victory Most Honorable1064: Bony Battalion1065: Warrior Rez-queue1066: Bone-tired Backup1067: Reconnaissance Route1068: Fight Against Shadowed Light1069: Camouflage: Skelly-Style1070: De(ad)ception1071: Gone But Not Forgotten1072: Hole-y Armor Patching1073: Sticking it to the Undead1074: Walking Wounded1075: Holy Wasabi1076: Light Yogurt Ingredients1077: A Brutal Mistake1078: No Light-hearted Expression1079: Palladinum Paladin Parts1080: Lightguard Keep Found1081: Zorbak’s Hideout1082: Stink-tuary1083: The Infected1084: Chopping Spree1085: GraveStop The Creature1086: Un-fortune-ate Fountain1087: ID What You Did There1088: The Ego and the ID1089: Artix Stopped!1090: An IDeal Seal1091: Need for Speed (Reading)!1092: Floor 11093: Floor 21094: Floor 31095: Floor 41096: Floor 51097: Floor 61098: Floor 71099: Floor 81100: Floor 91101: Floor 101102: Dead-forestation1103: Ecto-Skeleton Armor-Enabler1104: Banditing Together1105: Booty Becomes Barrier1106: We Didn’t Start the Fire (Oh, Wait…)1107: Granny’s Final Request1108: Crag & Bamboozle Battle1109: Oblivion Blade of Fighting (from Rare Blade)1110: Fighting Phoenix Blades1111: The Guardian Taro Blademaster1112: Silence is Ghoulden1113: Ghouls with Gall1114: Goals for Ghouls and Other Undead1115: Knee Bone’s Connected to the Thigh Bone1116: Hip Bone’s Connected to the Back Bone1117: Back Bone’s Connected to the Neck Bone1118: Slip n’ Slimes1119: Sl-eye-me1120: Bones Over Brawn1121: Skullaton Shells1122: Oblivion Blade of Fighting1123: Level 11124: Level 21125: Level 31126: Level 41127: Level 51128: Level 61129: Level 71130: Level 81131: Level 91132: Level 101133: Level 111134: Level 121135: Level 131136:1137: Level 141138: Level 151139: Level 161140: Level 171141: Level 181142: Level 191143: Level 201144: Defy the Dracolich1145: Restore the Tome1146: Recover the Pages1147: Reconstruct the Codex1148: Galvanize the Guardian1149: Shadowfall Defender1150: Mega Shadowfall Defender1151: Minion Morale1152: Shadowfall is DOOMed1153: Grave-lyn Danger1154: Noxious Noxus1155: CastleMania: Disharmony and Despair1156: Stringing Your Enemies Along1157: Out of Tune(ing Knobs)1158: Code of Condunct-or1159: Sending Out an SOS to the World1160: This is FINAL ZAP!1161: Wire You Doing This Again?1162: Die, All of You!1163: Ample Amps Required1164: Upward Over the Mountain1165:1166:1167:1168:1169: Charging Up!1170: Vordred Boss!1171: A Gate and Terrible Monster1172: I’m on the Hunt, I’m after 58-Sr31173: Intruder Alert! Intruder Alert!1174: Robo-Mutiny means a Bounty! I1175: Robo-Mutiny means a Bounty! II1176: Robo-Mutiny means a Bounty! III1177: Mission 31178: Mission 41179: Fossil Find Fiend1180: Dancin’ Hair-do’s… and Hair-Don’ts1181: Samba, samba, samba-style!1182: Decorate the Dance Academy1183: Boar’s Feet in Salted-Butter Sauce1184: Trollolola Terrine1185: Cooking Techniques: Practicuum1186: Ain’t Gonna Paint, No Ingredients!1187: Gallery Gala: Opens Next Week!1188: The Low Elvish Language1189: The High Trollic Language1190: The Low Trollic Language1191: Dedicated Denial of Resources Attack1192: Trolls of War1193: Gentle Muse, Breathe Life into my Art!1194: Encyclopedia Trollica1195:1196:1197:1198: Philosophy of Mortality in Non-Trolls: A Study1199: Reclaim the Spirits1200: Terrestrial Seasonings1201: Dressed to Kill1202: Material Horc in a Material World1203: Boar’ Ears in Salted-Butter Sauce1204: K’thurr Horcestra1205: Biting weapons1206: Thinking Ahead1207: Eternal Vigilance1208: Tlax’s Axe1209: Zot’s Zidar1210: Sput’s Really Big Cleaver1211: Horchid Planting1212: Hunter Gatherers1213: Twilly Gives You Epic Rewards, Every Day!1214:1215: Sweet Dreamlands are Made Like This1216: Nightmares in the (Dream)Realm’s Street1217:1218:1219: FUTURE USE1220: Tortured Memories, Shattered Dreams1221: FUTURE USE1222: Through the Gates of the Silver Portal1223: The Perception of Inception1224: Twilightmare Laughter1225: Midnight Screams, Broken Dreams1226: Horcs Stink!1227: The Time Grows Closer1228: Like Calls to Like1229: Incense Makes Sense1230: She Who Asks1231: The Troll Inside1232: Troll Stink!1233: It Not Time Yet1234: Mountain Protection1235: Clear Mind, Cleanse Spirit1236: She Who Asks1237: Be Horc Inside1238: Open Treasure Chests!1239: Treasure Chests1240: Eclipse1241: Eclipse1242: Level 11243: Level 21244: Level 31245: Level 41246: Level 51247: Level 61248: Level 71249: Level 81250: Level 91251: Level 101252: Level 111253: Level 121254: Level 131255: Level 141256: Level 151257: Level 161258: Level 171259: Level 181260: Level 191261: Level 201262: Dregas’ Mysterious Request1263: Bachius’ Disturbing Request1264: Oishii’s Disgusting Request1265: Zot Gives Peace1266: Sput Makes Sausage?!1267: Ghaz Experiments1268: Troll Defender1269: Troll Mega Defender1270: Horc Defender1271: Horc Mega Defender1272: Chaos Scars the Trolls1273: Chaos enrages the Horcs1274: Guarded Secrets, Hidden Treasures1275: Evidence of Chaos1276: Learn More of the Ore1277: Too Little, Too Late. Still Needed.1278: Alliance Defiance1279: Trust in the Vision1280: Into, Under the Mountain1281: Has the Land Been Tainted?1282: Tears of the Mountain1283: Defend the UnderMountain1284: Alliance Defiance1285: Chaorruption Detection1286: SkyPirate Slaying Strategies1287: Strategic Alarm Sequence1288: SkyShip Chase Scene1289: SkyPirate Shot-caller Neutralized1290: SkyPirate Map Hunt1291: SkyPirate Annihilator1292:1293: This Town in a Desktop Globe1294: Dust Bunnies Can’t Hide1295: Au Contr-air holes1296: hEro Eats Everything. Even Pellets.1297: The Moth Defeats the Man?1298: Can you find them?1299: You’ve Been Looking Everywhere!1300: Go for Grease!1301: Dust Bunny Destroyer1302: Creepy-Crawley Collector1303: Shambush Ambush1304: Bleak Despair1305: An Apple Slice? Yum!1306: Don’t Drink!1307: Flying… and Falling1308: Doppelganger Wants to Hit You!1309: Catapault Climb1310: For Science!1311: Scientific Accessories1312: Exquisite Dead Guy1313: Hall of Stolen Heads1314: I Want a Rock1315: Take Out the Trash1316: Tokens of Vindication1317: Dwarfhold Membership Dues1318: Good Membership Dues1319: Evil Membership Dues1320: Yokai Membership Dues1321: Vampire Membership Dues1322: Lycan Membership Dues1323: Mythsong Membership Dues1324: Arcangrove Membership Dues1325: Sandsea Membership Dues1326: Skyguard Membership Dues1327: DoomWood Membership Dues1328: Troll Membership Dues1329: Horc Membership Dues1330: She Might be a Giant “Fan”1331: Bugged by Rares!1332: Rarely Defeated!1333: Ug1334: Uga1335: Ug Ug1336: Uga Ug1337: Malfunction Junction1338: Missing Equipment1339: The Treasure that You Seek1340: These Trees1341: Ewwww… Totally Gross1342: The Eggs, Exiting and New1343: Someday (Today) Their Mother Will Die1344: More Aliens Than You Can Handle?1345: Spy Eyes1346: Smashed to Pieces1347: Tired of my Vigilette Dreams1348: You’re Not the Boss of Me Now1349: Dinosaur Graveyard1350: Shadow Spy Eye1351: Nest Stop, Home!1352: Oooo Wacka Moo!1353: Alien Annihilator1354: Dino Destroyer1355: Take a Bite Out of Crime1356: Skullberry Picking1357: Can I Axe You a Question?1358: Don’t Forg-t1359: A Monstrous Appetite1360: Undead End in Sight1361: Missing Servant1362: Remember Your Quest1363: Head to WillowCreek1364: Are You Luca’ing for Trouble?1365: Mostly Dead Makes Trouble1366: MY Servants are only Food for ME!1367: Dark Moglinster DOOM1368: A Sweet Treat1369: In the Headquarters of Good and Evil1370: Threat Nullification, Good and Bad1371: Trap the Keepers1372: Find What is Hidden Inside1373: Chaorruption Annihilation1374: Alliance Demotion1375: Scout and Return1376: Good and Evil Not Always Right1377: Trapping Savage Soldiers1378: Find What is Hidden Inside1379: Chaorruption Rejection1380: Alliance Subdues1381: Tainted Shadowed Soldiers1382: Tainted Golden Soldiers1383: Divine the Alliance Leaders1384: Explore the Dragonplane1385: Lots of Fiber1386: Carrying the Torches1387: Meet me in the Earth Realm1388: Breaking Chains1389: Soil Sprites1390: Cripple The Earth Prime1391: Moganth's dracoscintilla1392:1393: Meet me in the Dragonplane1394: Getting your feet wet1395: Meet me in the Water realm1396: Weaken the bonds1397: Udaroth is ready1398: A loophole1399: Flipping the script1400: Udaroth, The Water Prime1401: Meet me in the DragonPlane1402: Up in the Air1403: Meet me in the Air Realm1404: A Weak Wind1405: An ounce of prevention1406: This is a breeze1407: chime time1408: cellot, The Air Prime1409: Meet me in the DragonPlane1410: Hot Hot Heat1411: Meet me in the FirePlane1412: Putting out fires1413: At A loss1414: Backburner1415: Open fire1416: Zellare, The Fire Prime1417: Meet me in the DragonPlane1418: Open the DragonGate1419: Contain the chaorruption1420: Ancient ointment1421: Anoint the Ancients1422: Serpents do no harm1423: Through nature bars the way1424: Cleanse the Chaorruption1425: Chaorruption cure?1426: Guardian Salvation1427: Poison for a Purpose1428: The Heart of the Temple Awaits1429: Salvage Ancient Heritage1430:1431: Salvage Ancient Heritage1432: Serpentress Scourge1433: Subdue the Squadrons1434: Pactoganol Aid Required1435: Contain the Chaos1436: Chaorrupted Captain Encounter1437: Chaos Critters in the Crops1438: Zombehs Aren't So Smart1439: it's the Anti-Mall1440: 28 battles Later...1441: Bandits are Bad News1442: Creatures Serving Chaos1443: Bandit Battles1444: Can you Regain Grams?1445: Makeup Should Sparkle!1446: The Princess is NOT amused1447: I Want The Perfect Pet1448: Mother's Best Sushi Recipe 1449: Spice it up!1450: Animal Army for Aria1451: Descent into Darkness1452: Out of Darkness1453: Shine a Light on Deception1454: Save Yourself, Save the Soldiers1455: Battle the Baas!1456: Wounds in Stones and Beasts1457: Light in Underhome1458: Truth is its Own Light1459: Horcs Know Mercy1460: Battle the Baas!1461: A Scent to See Beyond1462: Gathering Shards of the Heart1463: Blood Calls to Blood1464: Know the Nexus1465: Secure a Route Home1466: DreamDancers' Orbs1467: Master the Flames 1468: Choose: Khasaanda Confrontation1469: Know the Nexus1470: Secure a Route Home1471: DreamDancers' Orbs1472: Master the Flames 1473: Choose: Khasaanda Confrontation 1474: Clueless 1475: Filling in The Puzzle1476: The Eyes (and Teeth) Have it 1477: Halfway There1478: Charge it1479: What Was That?!1480: The Mudluk Vault1481: Recovering Mudluk History1482: Tempered Scrap1483: Crystalized Fernos Shard 1484: Ghoul Fire1485: Vault Guardian Heart1486: Tango Tango Tango!1487: Pink-a-licious Prowl1488: Pink Petal Power! 1489: Flowers for the Birthday Gal1490: Dyeing for a Challenge1491: Dyeing for Gemstones1492: To Be A Dragonhunter1493: The Easy Path1494: The Red Trophy1495: Scramble Em!1496: Crush The Eggs1497: You did it?1498: Tasty Treats1499: Hidden Points1500: Set The Trap1501: The Hard Path1502: Do Not Crush The Eggs1503: Heat 'Em Up1504: Baby food 1505: Molting1506: Fatherly Insanity1507: What Needs To Be Done1508: Snow Way to Know Where to Go1509: Arming the Undead Army1510: Cold as A Corpse1511: Pretty Pretty Undead Princess Decor1512: Deadifying Frost Lions1513: Forest Guardian Gauntlet1514: No More Moglin Munchies1515: Gravelyn's Most Dangerous Game1516: Defiant Undead Deserters1517: Tinsel's Second Armor Gift 1518: Tinsel's Second Helm Gift1519: Snow Turning Back!1520: Venom in Your Veins1521: Song of the Frozen Heart1522: A Chilling Discovery1523: Cold to the Core 1524: Is the Area as Big Inside as Outside?1525: The Final Hour?1526: See-Sawing Through Time1527: A Crack in Time Saves More Than Nine1528: Time Bashes On1529:1530: SHUTDOWN Sequence1531: Chronomancy and Chaos1532: Something Smells Rotten in Etherstorm1533: Play With Fire1534: Shape of the Ship?1535: Skeleton Crew, Skeleton Key1536: Dead Journal1537: Sold Out!1538: Abandon All Hope...1539: In The Drink1540: Below Decks1541: Blow Stuff Up!1542: Set Me On Fire1543: Walk Through Fire1544:1545: Everything's On Fire1546: Baby's On Fire1547: Fire In My Heart1548: Gold Ingot1549: Bolt Of Silk1550: Pack Of Spices1551: Something Stinks!1552: Gaining Trust1553: If You Can't Stand the Heat...1554: Retrieving Recollections1555: Under Orders1556: Locket Holds the Key1557: Plans Fit for a King1558: Bound by Fire1559: Heart of Fire1560: Spirit of a Dragon1561: Initiate Shutdown Sequence1562: Aura of Dragon's Flame1563: Spirit of the Black Unicorn1564: Tie a Black Ribbon 'Round an Old Burnt Tree1565: Daddy's Little Robotic Angel1566: Making Up Some Makeup1567: A Mechanical Girl's Best Friend1568: Blooming Blossom Bouquet1569: Sweet FireCherry Pie1570: Robot Unicorn Assemble1571: A Fresh Breath of Life1572: Where Air You?1573: Invading Your (Sacred) Space1574: There's Magic Every-Air1575: Dragon's Fire Blossom to be Found1576: The Space Between1577: The Burning Question1578: Lightning Up the Night1579: Will you take Omom?1580: The Jade Spirit1581: The Crimson Spirit1582: The Magmas Spirit1583: The Cerulean Spirit1584: The Scrawl Spirit1585: The Airborne Spirit1586: The Lava Spirit1587: Trusted Sources1588: Shades Of Gray1589: Hiding In Shadows1590: Fading Light1591: Candles in the Dark1592: Shadow Battle!1593: Jade Boxes1594: Musical Crystals1595: We Didn't Start the Fire1596: Pay Homage to a Foreign God1597: Clash to a Cure1598: Sulfur Pure1599: 1600:1601:1602: Eukara's Text Quest1603: Stone Cold Monster1604: Interview The Troops1605: The Drop Spot1606: The Spider's Gem1607: Enemies on the Other Side1608: Get Some Answers1609: Recovery of Stolen Goods1610: Face the Traitor!1611: Silent Sentinel Medallion1612: Sentinels Writ1613: Sentinels Platinum Coin1614: Fish Food1615: Catch of the Day1616: So, something washed up on the beach...1617: Dilution Solution1618: A Frogdrake's Love Story1619: A Little Bit of Bubbly Never hurt1620: Flight of the Fishwings1621: Hunt for the Greater Good1622: Kill the Deep Dweller1623: Make Marsh-mallows out of them!1624: Firewater in your Veins1625: The Missing Vault1626: The Shattered Lens1627: The Frame Up1628: The Lenscrafter1629: The Hidden Vault1630: The Guardian1631: The Family Jewels1632: Cornelis Reborn1633: Call from Deep Within1634: Chrysalis of Flames1635: Glittering Secrets of Old 1636: Aria of Great Significance1637: Rekindling a Pomegranate1638: Legendary Crystal Skulls1639: Return of the Crystal Beauty1640: Taking back the Shards of Secrets1641: Lament of the Lyre1642: Marc of the Sword1643: Love's Odyssey1644: 1645:1646:1647:1648:1649: Oberon's bouquet1650: Pygmalian's Ivory Lady1651: The Ring of Shakuntala1652: Love Letters of Solitude1653:1654:1655: Baucis's Pitcher1656: Find the rest of J61657: Mer'Angel Hunting1658: Search for the Cursed Lovers1659: Sing the Blues1660: Land of the Red1661: Find the Source of the Curse1662: Defeat the CurseMaker1663: One Moore Time1664: You Only Get One Shot at True Love1665: Intro To Love1666: Into the Underworld1667: Love Ghosts1668: Help Moore1669: Mercutio 1670: Out of Time1671: Happy Ending1672: Gateway to the Souls1673: Ghostly Zardman Souls1674: Cyclops Warlord Ghost Souls1675: Escaped Wendighost Souls1676: Belrot the Ghost Souls1677: Ghostly Deathgazer Souls1678: Escaped Dai Tenghost Souls1679: Mercutio's Soul1680: Ghostly Aracara Souls1681: Ghostly Grizzlespit Souls1682: Favor for Fatih1683: Rainbows All the Way1684: Fins up!1685: Lost Memories1686: Remembering...1687: A Personal Effect1688: The Unintentional Tomb1689: The Spirit Speaks1690: Unseen Monsters1691: Stop IT!1692: Sad Farewells1693: Ectoamber1694: Screamwave1695: Spirit Ward Sigil1696: Deserter in the Ranks1697: Secure the Ship1698: Infiltration is a Go1699: Elluding Capture is not an Option1700: Don't Get Caught Weak in the Knees1701: Alchemy Components1702: Fueling Insanity1703: Insanely Insane1704: Looking for a Good Hero1705: Don't Regret the Evil1706: Rise of the Frogdrake - XP Boost1707: Skeletal Warrior Upsurge - Gold Boost1708: Slimiest Spring - Class Rank Boost1709: Waiting for Rep with Baited Breath - Rep Boost1710: Etherstorm Warrior Good1711: Etherstorm Mega Warrior Good1712: Etherstorm Warrior Evil1713: Etherstorm Mega Warrior Evil1714: Etherstorm Warrior Desoloth1715: Etherstorm Mega Warrior Desoloth1716: Redeem the Ether-Creatures!1717: Investigate the Ether-Taint!1718: Slay the Ether-Creatures1719: Investigate the Ether-Taint!1720: Dragon Sacrifice for Desoloth!1721: Defend Your Master!1722: Donation to the Dark Lord1723: Embrace the Godly Mace1724: Operation Overload1725: Be the Shinobi1726: A Shade of Shadow1727: Vampire Inspire1728: He's Lycan the Recruits1729: Etherstorm War1730: Etherstorm War half1731: Desoloth Defeated1732: Appology1733: A Town Divided1734: The Miller's Key1735: Trailblazer1736: Fire Brigade Of one1737: Fire Control1738: Andesi's Family Pendant1739: Signed, Seared, Delivered1740: The Xan With The Plan1741: 1742: 1743: The Tools and the Talent1744: The Shining1745: Your Ad Here1746: Coal Hard Facts1747: Material World1748: You're A Gem1749: Ore Eaters1750: More Tools? Really?1751: The Strapping Hero1752: The UnderHammers1753: Fighting Back1754: Product1755: Earn Your Stripes1756: Stay Sharp1757: Get Us Some Business!1758: Rainbow Shards1759: Lucky Clovers1760: Rainbow Shards - Leprechauns Only1761: Lucky Clovers - Leprechauns

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